Sasso female next to blue corrugated tin sheet

Originally founded in 2010 as Mekelle Farms, EthioChicken took over an underperforming poultry production center in the Tigray region of northern Ethiopia, increasing production more than thirty-fold within a year. EthioChicken has since expanded into four regions of Ethiopia, with production centers nationwide.


Today, EthioChicken continues to produce improved breed day-old chickens (DOCs), affordable, blended feed; and train rural extension workers, thereby driving gains in productivity and creating a more stable and diverse supply of protein at the rural household level. EthioChicken is the only private company in Ethiopia focused exclusively on reaching smallholder farmers, and has created an innovative, economically viable, and replicable distribution model to reach rural households. Using this model, EthioChicken has produced millions of DOCs and impacted hundreds of thousands of rural households across Ethiopia.