Who we are

Ethiochicken is considered as one of the leading poultry producing company in East Africa in which the operative companies are AGP Poultry PlC (AGP), Mekelle Farms Ltd (MFL) and Andasa Poultry PLC. These are sister companies and jointly operate under the brand umbrella of Ethiochicken. The parent company, Agflow Poultry Limited owns entirely AGP Poultry and Andasa Poultry with 73.5% ownership of Mekelle Farms. The group focuses on producing and selling improved breeds of chickens to smallholder farmers in rural Ethiopia. Currently the group manages six poultry breeder farms and one feed mill production plant in four regions of Ethiopia and is expected to increase this number significantly in the next three years.

Our Story

EthioChicken began operations in September 2010 in Northern Ethiopia. The Company took over a stumbling government poultry farm, and turned it around to create the leading day-old chick producer in Ethiopia. Our early success led the previous Prime Minister, H.E. Hailemariam Desalegn, to recommend that we extend our model to Southern Ethiopia. In mid-2014, the Company acquired two new facilities. This initial expansion increased the Company's capacity, enabling it to become one of the largest day-old chick producers in East Africa.

During its years of operations in Ethiopia, the Company focused on three key areas:

1. Understanding the rural customer and identifying the right product: dual-purpose chickens from France and layer chickens from The Netherlands, both sourced from global genetics leaders.

2. Building an excellent senior management team and middle-management pipeline in a country that has a prevalent shortage of talent in the poultry sector

3. Establishing a distribution model and proving it is capable of scaling to millions of Ethiopians

Currently Ethiochicken produces and distributes day-old chicks, feed, vaccines, veterinary services, skills training and will offer assistance in sourcing medication and equipment to SMEs in Ethiopia, thereby driving gains in productivity, lifting women out of poverty, creating a more stable supply of protein at the household level, and becoming Ethiopia’s leading Poultry Company.


EthioChicken has raised funds from a broad range of organizations ranging from commercial equity funding from Arabica Investments to a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. In addition to these institutions, Acumen Fund, Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund, USAID, Finnfund and Zemen Bank, the premier Ethiopian bank, have invested in EthioChicken.


EthioChicken has a thriving market including nearly 2 Million rural farming families throughout Ethiopia, where it is the trusted supplier and the only player that has built a distribution network to reach every Ethiopian family.

Our Core Values

The Customer Always Comes First.
We put the Customer at the center of our decisions and actions.

Discipline and Accountability.
We do what we say we are going to do and keep our commitments to each other.

Think Like an Owner.
We run it like we own it.

Strive for Excellence, Reject “Good Enough”.
We strive to be the best in the world in everything we do.

Our Purpose Drives Us.
We are driven by a deep sense of purpose.

Best Ideas Win.
We debate openly and allow the best ideas to win.


Making the farmers of Ethiopia healthier and wealthier.


To bring a chicken to every family in Ethiopia in 2021, and a chicken to every person in Ethiopia in the future, transforming the Ethiopian poultry industry, making it a model of inclusive growth.


is to bring healthy and affordable eggs and meat to every Ethiopian family, and in doing so improve nutrition, enhance rural farmer livelihoods, and create income opportunities for our customers and partners.

Ulric Daniel

Ethiopia Managing Director

Jermy Watson

Director, Projects and Supply Chain

Fseha Tesfu (Dr.)

Sales Director

Edom Dawit

Human Resource Director

Joseph Chivinge

Finance Director

Berhane Girmay (Dr.)

Production Director

Mulugeta Abrha

Feed Business Director

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